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10 Tips For Beautiful Food Photography

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In life photography, food is one of the most excellent subjects where you can achieve credible results as an artist. But photography on food is more than taking a snap of your delicious meal. To make beautiful textures, colors and shapes you must adhere to specific photography rules.

In this article, you will find 10 tips for beautiful images that are simple but also very effective.

Shoot here there is natural light

Light is essential in making stunning life photos. Natural light produces clear food pictures as compared to artificial light. This is because you want the color of your food, the plates, and the background elements appear as they are.

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Control the shadows

In photography, shadows play a critical role. They can break or make your image. While they can enhance your photo by adding a visual and depth inters, they can also ruin it by dominating so much in your picture.

Neutral background

The background should not be too messy; neither should it be too colorful. Dirty environments make the viewers develop a negative attitude while very colorful backgrounds take all the attention of the viewer. A neutral background will, therefore, emphasize the food maximumly.

Consider the color

A food photography gives you an opportunity to try out various colors. The impact of colors is great to the extent that they can determine the overall feeling and appearance of the photo. It is recommended you use contrasting colors to create a dynamic, vibrant and exciting image.


Shooting angle

The angle you shoot from must bring out the more significant percentage of your main subject. We recommend shooting from above because it enables you to capture all food details and the background. It also emphasizes the dishes bold shapes, cutlery and other items in the scene.

Arrange the food smarty

The final photo look is so much determined by how you arrange your food. The composition and position of every element must be carefully considered. To create visual interest, arrange your food uniquely and neatly. By so doing you make your viewers like the image.

Leave a breathing space between the subjects

It is always a good idea to ensure that your food does not cover the whole frame. This space is left to create an interesting composition and gives enough emphasis on the subject’s shape. Ensure you experiment with different positions to bring out the best image.

Scene decoration

Although the main subject remains to be the food as well as the background, decorating the scene makes your photo look more exciting and appealing to the eye. Among the items that you can use is dry ingredients that bring the concept of the recipe you used.


Make a story

Photography can be used to develop a story without the use of any word. To create an exciting account, add various related elements to your images. You will realize that more viewers are drawn as they try to comprehend the story.

Include a human element

This technique works well when you aim to make a unique and exciting story. Including your hand, for example, depicts your presence.

The takeaway

There are very many techniques that you can use to achieve the most exquisite photography on food as the subject. But the above mentioned are the basic tips that are essential in your photography.

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