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5 Reasons Why Ephemeral Content Will Keep Your Audience Hooked

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.Ephemeral content, is a marketing strategy that uses videos and images.Notably, the videos and images only last for “short time”before disappearing.This mode of marketing is common in snap chat ,Facebook and Instagram.

Ephemeral content is very captivating especially to young people. Live streaming videos is the preferred mode of ephemeral content.

This is linked to the rise of video marketing as an affordable and effective means if marketing by organizations .Continue reading this article so as to Get More Info on “why ephemeral content will keep your audience hooked”.The reasons why ephemeral content can keep the audience hooked up include;



Everyday, people witness sophisticated adverts from companies that are marketing their services and goods.The posting of raw clips and unedited photos through ephemeral marketing presents a new marketing style .The posting of such pictures and videos arouses curiosity in people who may then decide to follow the advert in Instagram or snap chat.Research indicates that such followers tend to be royal to the brands .Find more here about this article.


FOMO means “Fear of Loosing Out”.The picture and videos lasts for short periods.This therefore imply that followers of the brand have to be on the look out so as to avoid missing out on the latest videos and images.

Notably, the marketers must always develop new content so as to keep the followers entertained.The marketers therefore cannot recycle the content as it is in the case of traditional marketing through the use of print media and television programs.Notably, the ephemeral content must be framed in a manner that encourages engagement with the audience.

Behind the Scenes

Ephemeral content allows the marketers to give the audience a preview of upcoming events ,offer promotions,projects and products. Behind the scenes preview thus helps the audience to contribute to the upcoming projects.

Mobile First


Research indicates that 77% of adults own smart phones.This implies that ephemeral marketing is affordable and easy to engage in by business people and companies.Notably, the availability of smart phones to many adults promotes the viewing of ephemeral content on social sites such as snap chat and Instagram. If you have any fillable forms in your content make sure they are mobile forms.

High Engagement

Many people get attracted to visual contents.The resulting effect is massive sharing of a video content that captivates people.

To conclude, in order to use ephemeral content, you should create an account with a social site that allows sharing of videos and images.Secondly, you should decide on whether you will use the video and image content.This is dependent on the needs of your company.Lastly, you should always post captivating content that captures the attention of the audience.

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