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How Do You Make Stud Earrings Into Clip Ons?

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Some people nowadays prefer clip-on earrings rather than stud earrings. At times it’s due to their holes have closed up or have gotten contaminated or perhaps they got their ears ready to start out with. What exactly can you do if a gorgeous set of stud earrings grabs your attention, but you realize you cannot wear them? Change them into clip-ons. Have a visit to your nearest craft shop.

When it is a great one, it’s going to get an aisle filled with jeweler making materials and kits. Here you’ll come across clip-on springs and converters for design rings or for creating routine clip-ons. Many will also be available online.

Change above a dangle earring using clip-on converters that possess a tiny additional hoop facing front. Purchase a little set of pliers (you can find ones created specifically to be used with jewelry) and carefully sew the blouse aside and put your charm out of the pierced earring onto it and shut to the hoop. Convert a normal pierced earring (using a pole) by utilizing a clip-on converter which has a little tube onto the back side back.


Just slide the pole to the very top of tubing and gently bend the pole forward so the earring falls out. This is only going to work with bigger pierced rings; studs are too little and the converter will probably be evident. Be certain that the article is secure into the rear of the earring until you bend it.

Buy the “hoop” clip-on earring, found online on many stores. It is a slim metallic hoop that will you can hang some charms to make a pierced appearance. The beauty of this is that you’re able to create your own, using only the ideal color and design to match this new night dress. Purchase a glue clip-on converter.

This lets you take out the article from earring (utilize little pliers) and put a clip-on back using a glue tab at its location. This item may also be found on the internet. Move magnetic. In the event the pierced rings that you would like to convert are made from metal, then a magnetic clip-on back might work miracles. Go on the internet to locate these specialty products.

Helpful Tips

Converting stud earrings to clip on earrings is fun and uncomplicated job, and you’re going to enjoy it more if you follow these useful hints:

• Locate a clip-on earring that’s comfortable for you. Many people today favor magnetic earring backs, which you may discover at many craft shops.

• Think about placing a horizontal serving tray or big plate beneath you work place. Slightly raised borders can allow you to keep from dropping little pieces.


• Use the ideal tool for your job. If you are going to do several earring conversions, then look at investing in a cheap jewelry instrument kit with various fashions of pliers.

• Have fun! Shortly, you will have the ability to wear nearly any kind of earring, if it’s a back or not.

• If you anticipate sporting clip-ons for an elongated time period, you might wish to also purchase pillow pads. Some clip-on springs include pads attached.

• Converting stud earrings to clip-ons could be especially valuable for individuals with arthritis or limited dexterity in their own fingers.

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