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How Do You Write A Good Pitch

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Pitching is the most important step of getting an article published. Below are some of the steps on how to write a good pitch:

Pitch a Human Being

Don’t use a “submissions@magazines.com” address unless you want your pitch to disappear. It is advisable to double-check that the editor is still at the publication. Most editors use Twitter and emails, which are easily accessible via Google.

Know Who You’re Pitching

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You can distribute your pitches to different editors, but ensure that you don’t present the same pitch for publication. Get to explain how your pitch will interest the readers.

Know Which Section You Are Pitching

It is advisable to start with smaller pitches as you progress. Not every person can write up to 5,000 words. Different editors look for different things.

Be Original

Do you want to learn how to explain your content on the subject carefully? click here now.

Write an Excellent Subject Line

A good pitch should itself read as the headline.

Don’t Attach a Full Draft, Even If You Already Have One Written

Frame your work according to the editor’s request. This is after you send him or her (the editor) your draft so that they can have a look at the pitch.

Include Links to Relevant Clips

Always ensure that you pitch has few links. For instance, in essay pitching, include links to first person.

Don’t Lead With Your Bio

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You can include information about yourself at end of the pitch. In case the editor requires more information about you, then he or she will visit Google.

Know That Editors Will Goggle You

Make your website or portfolio available for editors in case they may need it.

Be Able to Follow Through

Do a pitch that you can be able to have access to and follow it up.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips and and you are on your way to having an editor write you back looking for more details.

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