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How To Reduce Your Instagram Stories Bounce Rate

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Instagram stories have taken over the advertising world. When used the right way, Instagram stories are efficient and powerful advertising tools. However, some mistakes can make Instagram users skip your stories immediately they tap on your story.

Therefore, it is important to get the attention of the users so that your Instagram stories do not have a high bounce rate. Here are tips on how to reduce your Instagram bounce rate.

1. Use balanced visuals and texts

Visuals will make your Instagram stories attractive to users. However, it is important to use clear, high quality, and compelling visuals.


The visuals should not be too much, and you should include any additional info by text. In addition, it is worthy to note that Instagram is a visual platform; thus creating compelling visuals is a recipe to keeping your followers engaged.

2. Keep the stories short

Do not post too many stories on your Instagram as users will not be able to view all. If you have a lot to post, make sure that you wait for sometime before posting more as you can overwhelm the viewers.

3. Optimize the loading time

If the stories take time to load, your views will be impatient, and you will suffer from high bounce rates. It is important to ensure that your stories load within two seconds.

4. Use smart formatting

Users want to see, read, and watch attractive Instagram stories. Make sure that you use suitable images, the right headers, subheadings, and line breaks. It will help readers to skim through your content and identify the key points.

5. Make your stories interactive with polls


Polls are a good way to engage your viewers. Instagram provides polls stickers and question sections, and you should take advantage of these features.

6. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are essentials if you want to expand your reach. When used properly, hashtags can increase your viewers by thousands.

Instagram stories are effective in enhancing your brand, adverting, and sales. Once you implement the above tactics, your Instagram stories will stand out from others, and you will enjoy a reduced bounce rate.

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