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How to Test for Mold in Your House

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The last thing that you want to see in your house is mold. Not only because it makes your once beautiful place not inviting anymore, but because of the health risk it can bring if it’s a dangerous form of mold. Especially, if you are living with children or elderly persons with respiratory problems then they are at a greater risk. That is why it is advisable that you routinely test to see if you find any presence of mold hidden in your house.


The mold testing is important as it can help you find out if you have a mold problem. And, which species it belongs too and also assist in measuring indoor air quality. Although it is best that you have a professional perform the mold test, you can also do the testing yourself and save up some cash. If you are wondering how to go about identifying molds in your home here are some ways you can do that.

Mold signs

You don’t begin testing mold or anything else for that matter unless you suspect that it’s present. Any of the below signs might indicate that there is mold in your house.

• Smell

It is the simplest way to determine if mold is growing outside or inside your house. Those who have smelled mold before can never forget the smell because it is a very unique kind. But in case you have never smelled mold before here is what you will be looking out for. If there is a stale smell outside your house or a damp smell inside your house, then you probably might be hosting molds.

• Water Leaks

If you experience a lot of leaking in your house be it in the pipes or in the roof, then that is a sign that mold is present.

• Visible Mold

Of course, mold is not invisible although it may grow in hidden places. You probably will see mold and know that it is present. But the question is how much? It is the hidden mold that is usually the scariest.

• Health problems

If you or your loved ones are often suffering from respiratory problems like asthma, skin inflammation as well as mental impairment, it’s probably because you have black mold growing somewhere in your house.

Mold Test

There are three ways to test if you have mold in your house which are:

• Surface testing

Involves collecting samples from household surfaces by either swabbing or any other method and taking them to the laboratory for mold to be tested. The only problem in using this method is that the spores are not spread evenly through the surfaces, some parts may be more concentrated than others so the results may not give you an exact amount of mold in your house.

• Bulk Testing

In this kind of testing, pieces of materials from home are taken to the laboratory and mold presence is examined on them using a microscope. The advantage of using this method is that it gives you an idea of how much the concentration of mold is.

• Air Testing

This type of mold testing method can help determine if you have molds growing in hidden places. Samples of air are collected from your house and are taken to the laboratory to be examined using a microscope. But because air is constantly in motion, the amount of spores may change suddenly from time to time and hence may give varying results.

Man shocked to mold a kitchen cabinet.

This three methods can help you identify if you have mold growing in your house. But it is important that you combine all of them since each has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Mold can be a menace is your house, so if you notice any presence of it, immediately start taking the appropriate actions.

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