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Top 5 Scholarships for International Students

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Scholarships are the dream of almost every student. You get the advantage of being given sponsorship in a foreign country and awarded by some of the renowned educational institutions in the world. You broaden your knowledge base by study in a country entirely different from yours.

The scholarship programmes help build your passion through the best training, mentorship and sponsorship on your research projects.

However, bearing the fact that there are so many programmes in the world, finding the best programme for you might be a tough task. Below, we discuss the top 5 scholarships for international students:

1.Rotary Peace Fellowship.

Rotary Peace Fellowship is a scheme that focuses on international graduates with interest in a master’s degree in the field of peace, conflict prevention and resolution.


This scholarship covers for students accommodation,travel costs, and all the tuition fees. Some of the universities currently participating in this scheme are; University of Queensland, Duke University, Uppsala University, International Christian University, University of Bradford and University of North Carolina.

To apply, you need to submit your CV, transcripts, personal statement, test scores, and recommendations to their official website.

You should have a bachelor’s degree with over three years of working experience. They also look for evidence of leadership roles/skills and proficiency in a second language.

2.Fulbright Foreign Student Programme.

The Fulbright Foreign student programme is the most sought-after scholarship in the US. It considers young professionals and international graduates. The programme has links with around 155 countries in the world. The scheme fully funds you for the duration of the studies-airfare, tuition, textbooks, living allowance, and insurance.


The main aim of the programme is to sponsor international postgraduate students and assist them to have educational and cultural opportunities during and after their first year — the programme supports with your prospects. This is because they pick out the best of the best.Each year, they give scholarships to approximately 4,000 students.

3.Rhodes Scholarships.

Rhodes scholarships are among the best and oldest in the world. It gives scholarships to international postgraduate students at the University of Oxford. The scheme covers students from; Zimbabwe,Zambia, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, Kenya, India, Jamaica, Germany, Canada,Australia, and Bermuda.

Each country has its customized application page on the official website. They give a mere 95 scholarships each year, meaning competition is high.

They base qualification on your academic performance,proof of leadership, humanitarian qualities and extracurricular involvement.

4.Endeavour Postgraduate Awards.

Endeavour Postgraduate Awards is Australia’s pride. It focuses on international students from Europe, America, Middle East, The Caribbean,Pacific, and Asia. You get the chance to study for a Ph.D. or Masters degree in any university in Australia. It gives full funding.


To apply, you need to submit a formal admission letter from any university in Australia in the programme’s official website. They offer scholarships to quite a considerable number of international students.

5.Chevening Scholarships.

The government of UK manages Chevening scholarships programme. This makes it the prestige of the UK. They consider students with leadership potential and excellent credentials. They sponsor students for one year to undertake a master degree covering all expenses.

You have to be very fluent in the English language to qualify. After the scholarship, you have to go back to your home country for more than 2 years. They award approximately 1,500 scholarships annually.

The above scholarships programmes are the best recommended in the world if you have an interest in studying abroad.

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