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What Is The Difference Between Activewear And Sportswear

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You have heard the terms activewear and sportswear being used to refer to attire that can be utilized for outdoor adventures. To some people, the two terms don’t have much of a difference and can be used interchangeably.

However, it should never be the case, as these are different sets of garments. This brings in the need to differentiate between the two, which is what we shall be covering in this piece.


More and more people are becoming passionate about exercise and leading an active lifestyle. Activewear can be considered as a clothing variety that is designed to make it easy to live an active lifestyle. Activewear is crafted to enhance comfort so that it becomes easy to use the clothing for work-outs and/or casual wear.


As such, it’s right to say that these pieces are more of fashion-forward, comfy clothes which are not designed to look strictly sporty. When making a purchase, you can always visit the website of the company that designs the clothes for more clarification on whether what you’re buying is activewear or not.


Sportswear can be categorized under activewear as a type that is strictly designed for sports. They are specially tailored to meet different safety, practicality, thermal, and comfort requirements.

As a general rule of thumb, sportswear cannot be used by anyone who requires flexible clothing for a variety of purposes. Sportswear also varies from one sport to the next and can include sports gear such as helmets, eye protectors, and other equipment.

In summary,

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Even though activewear and sportswear may seem quite similar at times, there is a significant difference in terms of properties, style, and function. Activewear designs are geared towards varying purpose, which is why they have a flexible style and can be worn anywhere for a casual appeal. Sportswear, on the other hand, must meet different sporting properties and preferences and is strictly meant for sports.

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