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What type of metal can be recycled?

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Recycling is a great way to save the planet. One of the most common things that is recycled is metal. Not only is recycling good for the earth you can also make some good money selling scrap metal. Today we are going to learn which types of metal you can recycle.


Aluminum is one of the most popular metals taken to an arizona recycle center. This metal comes in several different forms. Aluminum cans are a popular form of this metal.

Metal Recycling

The price for this type of metal is not as high as other types of metal but aluminum cans are found in abundance in most areas. Many people pick cans up on the side of the road to make a few extra dollars. Just like all metals, the price of aluminum goes up and down.


This is another very common metal that many people recycle. Steel is very heavy and can be found in various forms. Cars and trucks are made out of steel and they can be sold at a recycling center for a few hundred dollars, depending on the current price. Steel is considered one of the cheaper metals but since it is so heavy you can make some good money selling it.


Just like steel tin is a metal that is found just about everywhere. Tin is often used in cans and in roofing. Tin brings a slightly higher price than steel in most areas.

While it is not one of the most sought after metals for recycling, it can be heavy. There are different types of tin and some are mixed with other types of metals.


One of the most valuable metals is gold. Gold never really seems to lose its value but the price does go up and down at times. Most recycling centers will not take scrap gold but there are some that do. Gold is weighed by the gram and it does not take much gold to bring a hefty price.



Brass is another one of those metals that people love to recycle. While not as expensive as gold, brass can bring a good price. Brass is used in a number of items including lamps, rings, and more. This metal can be mixed with other metals. Pure brass brings the best price but it is not as common.


Last but not least we have copper. Copper is very expensive and sought after metal. It brings a much higher price and people are always looking for it. Copper is used in wiring and is a good conductor of electricity. Old copper wiring can be taken to a recycling center where it will bring a nice price.

Copper is also used in other items including pipe fittings.

This is a list of the most common types of metal that can be recycled. There are other metals that can be recycled but they are less common and harder to find. So if you want to help protect the environment and keep metal out of the landfill, why not consider recycling?

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