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Which Type Of Sorbent Is Used For Acid Base Spills

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Which Type Of Sorbent Is Used For Acid Base Spills


Be it a chemical spill on the floor or puddle of water in the hallway, liquids, and moisture in the wrong place in excess can wreak havoc. Slip and fall injuries, for instance, or exposure and contact to hazardous chemicals, may lead to serious consequences.

Acid and base spills, to be specific, are dangerous to both the employees and the working environment. Therefore, it is important to invest in the right sorbent to contain any accidental chemical spills.

Which is The Right Sorbent for Acid-Base Spills?


Acid and base spills are typical chemical spills. Unlike other spills, they require specific synthetic sorbents available at spill kit home depot that can withstand corrosion. These sorbents are commonly used in commercial, industrial, and any other workplace with frequent chemical spills.

What To Look for When Selecting a Sorbent

Regardless if you are looking for a sorbent to clean corrosive chemicals, cooking oil, or water, determining your needs is more important than considering the type of fluid in your workplace. Some of the things to consider include;

Capacity – once the sorbent becomes saturated, it cannot continue soaking up more fluid. Excessively saturated sorbents release their contents when lifted, resulting in secondary contamination.

Intended use – sorbents can be used for various applications. Some can be used to float above water and cover large surface areas while others are small and require a blower for application. Evaluate your intended need before purchasing one.


Disposal – consider if your sorbent is suitable for repeated use of one-time use. Either way, you will eventually need to dispose the sorbent. How you will dispose the sorbent depends on the liquid it contains. Some, such as those with acid-base spills, will require incineration.

Understanding the various types of sorbents available makes it easy to develop your spill response protocol fully. If you are handling chemical liquids that contain aggressive acids and bases, for instance, have the necessary sorbent in case of accidental spills.

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